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For some reason some hams do not keep the manual that came with the gear, and pass the gear on without the manuals.

This has happened to me and I would like the new owner to have the manual without cost.

Here is a version I got from the web - of the Kenwood TS-930S Operation Manual.

Operators Manual for the TS-930S

Newest project repair a friends IC-756 Pro, it has transmit problems - the switch on the mic. keys the RX out but the TX does nothing no lights (front panel TX LED) no power. For the IC-756Pro Service manual for 756 Pro

For Dale County / Enterprise, AL -

Soon we will have a new repeater, on the same fequency we were using a long time ago. 443.250 Positive offset on your radio (448.250) Right now it has a lesser antenna system than the old one and it is at a different location.

This will be improved as resources become available. The antenna is close to trees right now so the coverage is less than 3km. Our plan is to move it to the top of my 50' HF tower. Looking to put VoIP- so the several repeaters in the area will have access.